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By Stacy Malkan Thanks NewHope360. com for recognizing me as one of the .   I'm happy to share this honor with every single one of you who have been involved with the . Together, WE are the most powerful women in the beauty industry, because we are giving the beauty industry a makeover -- every time one of you demands safer products, starts your own company , or otherwise exercises your power to create the world you want to live in.   The companies are paying attention to what you do. For inspiration about how to get involved, check out what Fran Drescher [] is up to. i love this woman! here's a photo of me and fran at a recent dvd shoot for trash cancer, her campaign to get cancer causing chemicals out of our bodies, our products and our world. Check out Fran's website and your way to a healthier future. Speaking of powerful women, I spent much of last year working as media director for Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods -- a movement inspired by and fueled by women. In 20 years in the environmental field, I have never witnessed such passion and commitment from the grassroots! And much of it coming from grandmothers, moms and daughters who are demanding to know what's in the food they're eating. Even though we haven't won labeling for GMOs yet, this women's movement for health and conscious choice is growing more powerful every day. And we are unstoppable.  

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