Peter Barton Hutt of Covington and Burling, LLP, representing the biggest beauty  corporations, testified before Congress this week that his clients’ products are perfectly safe and there’s no need to worry about silly little things like carcinogens in baby shampoo  (we’re paraphrasing here). It’s all part of the Personal Care Products Council’s multi-million-dollar lobbying effort to write its own laws that could actually make things worse. For more about industry’s plan to write the rules so FDA can give them “maximum credibility” for toxic products, see Roll Call.

Update: The cosmetics industry PR operation is a gift that keeps on giving. Check out this attack blog just posted by notorious industry front group ACSH.  Do they really think it’s smart to trot out Dr. Gilbert Ross, a former convict who spent time in jail for a Medicaid fraud scheme, to question the motives of health groups?

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  1. stephenie hendricks Says:

    Watching that Hearing was horrifying. Joe Barton is a terrifying personality’ such an overt prostitute for the chemical industry, and not the sharpest pencil in the box. either… can men like him be in a position of power over our health? Why don’t the women of Texas knock his booty out of Congress and get a man with integrity in there?

  2. Regina DeFalco Lippert, RN Says:

    You think that substances like parabens and sulfates in personal care products don’t matter? All you care about is making profits! As an RN, I know full well how these toxic substances can be absorbed through the skin. Ever hear of medication patches? That’s how they work!
    I, for one, will absolutely NOT buy any personal care products that are tested on animals or contain any type of parabens, sulfates, or other toxic ingredients! And I am encouraging my family, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers to do the same!
    As a nurse, I care about peoples’ health!

  3. dora kolker Says:

    this is a fight we have to keep on fighting. the industry has the money, but we have the populace on our side. if they look hard enough they will find carcinogens in many, many personal care products. in fact, they won’t have to look very hard.

  4. dora kolker Says:

    this a a fight we have to keep on fighting. they have families who are also being subjected to these chemicals. do they not care about their own famillies?

  5. Priscilla Says:

    We have the power in our pockets to make this stop.
    All we have to do is stop buying their poison and identify those who are making safe products so that we can give them our hard earned cash.

  6. Katherine Dooley Says:

    I will only use organic products on or in my body. I found a very simple solution to being sure there are no toxins in my cosmetics. I have gone make-up free. My skin looks healthier and feels softer. People even tell me I don’t look my age of 60 years young!

  7. Kathi Brinkman Says:

    I want SAFE, organic products & definitely do NOT want them tested on beautiful furry creatures that could be someone’s companion instead of a “lab rat”. Dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys & vermin feel physical pain & have emotions too-imagine that!!!

  8. Regina DeFalco Lippert, RN Says:

    @Katherine Dooley: I hear you! I have not worn makeup since my second year of high school, and that was in 1968! I’m 59 now, and constantly get spontaneous comments about how good my skin looks!

  9. bernardo alayza Says:


  10. Pat Torres Says:

    It looks like congress responds to public awareness and an outcry for safety changes by taking the toxic producers side, then protecting the companies right to poison the public. Alternative products, made by local sources, the natural specialty products are the publics only safe choice! Shame on congress for even listening to corporate white-washing!

  11. deb hoadley Says:

    Just use Young living health and beauty products….safe cleaning products, supplements……..why bother with all the unsafe cancer causing items…when you can buy 100 % organic…….you can buy at wholesale prices….it pays to be healthy


  12. Patti Coughlin. MS, LMT Says:

    Everyone who wants beauty at the expense of our health, please stand up…Sorry Slim Shadey, not buying it!!!!! We want it all; we want to be healthy and beautiful from the inside out. There are companies out there that get it and when we shop wiser, big beauty might stop the green washing and do the right thing. In-the-meantime, please support the Campaign and spread the word to all your friends and loved ones. The conversation is getting louder. To everyone at CFSC, thank you for all of your hard work!

  13. Carol Maghakian Says:

    I only eat organic food and clean with organic products and use organic supplements. I want to know that the cosmetics I use are organic and chemical free. If I go to all the trouble to use organic products and then have chemicals in my personal products, it is defeating the purpose of keeping my body as healthy as possible.

    Many of my friends have the same convictions.

  14. joseph mundaca Says:

    I do for my mom, sister, and also nieces-it is not enough to consumed organic foods but just as vital is what people put on their faces!
    Every should know, and wear chemical free cosmetics-men and women alike. No country can move forward nor stand as the front runner, as is this wonderful country! when its population is so sick and full of chemicals! It is time to change or we will amke those changes by not supporting/buying any of their products.

  15. carolyn ghantous Says:

    Awareness of ingredients in the products we use, and understanding their danger to our health, is imperative in leading consumers to make responsible and wise choices. Whatever is used on the skin ultimately passes through and enters the body, just like the food we eat. Education is the best way to lead consumers to boycott products that cause us harm. It seems that that is the most effective way to both protect ourselves and make large companies with lobbying clout listen.

  16. Leslie Hawkins Says:

    Unfortunately we need to educate so many people on the detriments of what is being done in this country to everything we put on our bodies and in our bodies. We shouldn’t have to pay triple the price for healthy food and products because of corporate greed. Most people don’t even know what a GMO is or what it means to have products be organic beside it just being pesticide free. We need to educate family and friends!

  17. Connie Pitts Says:

    Perfumes (fragrances) fall under the jurisdiction of cosmetics. They have rendered millions of people maimed and disabled — and I know that some people have died from breathing these deleterious chemicals, which are falsely advertised and celebrity endorsed. We, the people, will continue to educate the uninformed. Do know that ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. With the Internet, we “can,” and “will” continue to educate people about the truth.

  18. Betsy Says:

    Thanks for these comments. I am going to write my Congress people, for what that is worth. I am getting sick and tired of smelling the laundry stench on peoples’ clothing, and all through neighborhoods from peoples’ dryer vents. So many people complain about fragrance all over, but NO ONE is doing anything about it. Just looked at Connie Pitts’ website and it is excellent.

  19. Chris Barden Says:

    One word:


  20. Sarah Says:


  21. Parama Ishaya Says:

    Please stop poisoning us.

  22. Darryl Warner Says:

    Please Tell me what i can do as a person to stop this nonsense.

  23. A. Serbia Says:

    Peter Barton Hutt shame on you! If we the citizens of America don’t buy the products that the companies you represent sell they will go out of business!

  24. Jennifer Says:

    I don’t want this man anywhere near the products I use on myself and ESPECIALLY on my children! I’m so glad Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Dr. D. were there to clear up the misinformation (OR LIES) that were pouring out of this man’s mouth. First about Brazilian Blowout and California. Then when Rep. Jan Schakowsky referred to the E.U. banning over 1200 harmful chemicals and asked:
    “Does the PCPC support a similar ban or restriction in the U.S. on carcinogens, mutagens and reproductive toxins?”
    He said “No because those aren’t used in the U.S.” OH REALLY? The state of Ca. thinks differently.
    Dr. D said in Ca. if an ingredient is linked to cancer, reproductive harm or birth defects it HAS to be reported to the state. So out of 24,664 ingredients that were reported…ALL HAD ONE OR MORE OF THESE HAZARDOUS EFFECTS!!

  25. Teresa Arias Says:

    Please stop poisoning us!!! Peter Barton Hutt shame on you!

  26. Jackie Christianson Says:

    Had to read twice as I couldn’t grasp the fact that this man employed by the beauty industry will be watching out for our health & safety as if he gives a hoot.

  27. julie goddard Says:

    Shame on all those greedy pigs who are prepared to put even their own families at risk. I live in Europe and I do hope things are a lot better here!!

  28. Theresia Says:

    There are plenty other options out there. No need to buy products that are containing “crap” that will end up making us sick or actually killing us. Try this one for example: This company rocks!! They guarantee that their products are safe and toxen free!! AND if you go to their website, there is a link there where you can check the safety of your products.
    These companies will get the drift if we just STOP BUYING there toxic garbage!!

  29. bob Says:

    Some of you really need to understand science not all ingredients can penetrate the skin. Some of you think if you place it on your skin it will enter the skin and go into the blood system. Don’t get me wrong there are tons of ingredients we should not being used but many of you are misinformed that everything enters the skin. You have to look at the size of the molecular. Some are to large to penetrate the skin and are not absorbed. I have to say many of the small mom and pop companies add just as bad ingredients to their products and the large corporations. Many small companies know they are under the radar and don’t list every ingredients on their labels because they will not get caught and helps their product looks better. There are so many mom and pop companies that go to the ewg’s website and does a list of ingredients to get the best rating and mislabel and reword ingredients to get these ratings. While many large companies does the same but to state greedy companies, you are leaving out your neighbor that is running a company out of their house and getting their information off websites that are wrong and these companies does not know any better and doesn’t have the education to make these decisions. To get your facts out of a forum is so misleading and wrong. Most of the mom and pops are using fragrance oils because they smell good and most of the fragrance oils are preserved with parabens and under the law they don’t have to claim it because of the percentages. This is common knowledge as a producer but they use it anyways.

    Also, some of you claims to use young living products and if you are talking about the company young living then I fell for you. You need to do your research and see how many lawsuits this company has filed against them. They might use pure Essential Oils to do remedies but most people know there are many EO that should not be used on the skin because they are dangerous to use on the skin but they continue to do this.

    I’m in favor of the change but from what I see there are many mom and pops companies that do the same and cause just as much harm are the large companies out there.

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