Some months it just rains and pours good stuff. Thank you, November! For one thing, I just found out that my book, “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, ” is now available in the world’s most widely spoken language, Mandarin. The book has been published in Taiwan by the publishing house Shy Mau, ISBN # 978-986-2590-08-9.

“Not Just a Pretty Face” tells the inside story of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a coalition of nonprofit health groups that are giving the $50 billion beauty industry a safety makeover. The book chronicles the quest that led a group of breast cancer activists to the doors of the world’s largest cosmetics companies to ask some tough questions:

  • Why do they market themselves as pink ribbon leaders in the fight against breast cancer, yet continue to use chemicals that may contribute to that very disease?
  • Why do they target their products to men and women of childbearing age, yet use chemicals linked to birth defects and infertility?

As doors slammed in our faces, the industry’s toxic secrets began to emerge. The good news is that although the big companies are still using hazardous chemicals, scientists are developing green chemistry technologies, and entrepreneurs are building businesses based on the values of health and justice.

“Not Just a Pretty Face” is also available in Korean, and it has won numerous awards and accolades. The English version is available here.

More good stuff

Thanks to Experience Life Magazine for recognizing me as one of “five visionaries who are leading the charge to better health, and a healthier world.” It’s an honor to be included among such esteemed company as Annie Leonard, Dr. Mark Hyman, Frank Forencich and Jamie Oliver.

In case you missed it, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics recently scored a huge victory when Johnson & Johnson agreed to reformulate hundreds of baby products worldwide to remove chemicals linked to cancer.  Yay for babies!

Coming soon: More great news about hundreds of companies that are showing it’s possible to make great products without using hazardous chemicals and without hiding ingredients from consumers. Stay tuned…

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