Lead-free kisses to you and yours this February! In honor of safe love, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has launched the Kiss Lead Goodbye Video/Photo Contest — inviting all you warriors for toxic-free products to tell the beauty industry: It’s time to get the lead out of lipstick.

Why? Because lead is extremely toxic in even the tiniest doses. Yet, according to a recent FDA study, hundreds of lipsticks contain lead (see today’s Reuter’s story). And some of the most popular brands¬† have the highest levels of all (hello L’Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl).

We want to hear what you have to say to these companies that are still selling leaded lipstick — and still saying “it’s safe because it’s legal” even though there are no safety standards and no regulations limiting lead in lipstick. For more on this story, see the Campaign’s letter to FDA.

While we’re waiting on FDA (and waiting and waiting), it’s time to turn up the volume.¬† Submit your photos and videos to the Kiss Lead Goodbye Contest here from Feb. 14-29 for a chance to win fabulous prizes and national recognition.

Check out the Campaign’s Video Valentine to the beauty industry and early entries on the Kiss Lead Goodbye Facebook page for some creative inspiration.

Love and lead-free kisses!

PS: Check out this great story about lead in lipstick from NBC in Tampa Bay

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