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The sky is falling! Or so you'd think from the kerfuffle over a bill that would have banned cancer-causing chemicals from cosmetics in Colorado. In blogs and , the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics was accused of everything from Evil Oz-ery to getting paid by FDA to circulate lies about toxins (my personal > fave). So >, to set the record straight: The bill (which died yesterday in committee) was sponsored by the , not the , and was an attempt to protect consumers from being exposed to the worst chemicals used in [>] cosmetics. Contrary to some claims, the bill would not have banned olive oil or any other natural food-grade ingredients, but only chemicals that are already banned from cosmetics in the EU, and which also appear on other authoritative bodies’ lists of chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm (EPA, NTP, IARC and NOISH) – about 15 chemicals in all, most of which are not ever used by small companies. We environmental health advocates are big fans of small, indie businesses, in case anyone was wondering. > as just pointed out, the activism of campaign for safe cosmetics has been a major factor behind the growth of a vibrant, locally-based natural products industry in the bay area. For more about why policy action is also necessary, see this by State Rep. Dianne Primavera. PS: if anyone knows where I can apply for FDA funding to do the agency’s job for it, let me know! Stacy Malkan, 3/9/10

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