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Head> "there is probably already tide in your laundry room. Charmin in your bathroom. Bounty in your kitchen, " points out USA Today in its recent story about the . Not [head>] satisfied that every person on the planet already spends an average of $12 a year on their products, P&G plans to add a billion new customers by expanding its consumer product empire in the developing world. All they have to do is convince millions of poor women that their shirts aren't white enough and their hair isn't sexy enough and so they should buy toxic P&G products to fix the problem.

Yuk. P&G admits their products contain toxic substances head>, such as hazardous heavy metals (), and the carcinogen 1, 4-dioxane () -- but it's just a little bit of toxin in any given product, they say. Sounds a bit lame when you think about how many bits of poison are pouring into the waterways from the head> billions of bottles of P&Gs nearly two dozen billion-dollar brands. Chalk it up to the world economic order. Wall Street demands more, more, more money (for those who need it least) and the only way for corporations to fill the bill is to make as much stuff as cheaply as possible and manipulate more people into buying it. Febreze anyone? My personal strategy for dealing with this insanity is to spend zero dollars per year on P&G products. Try it, it feels great!  

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