Don’t miss this! Pink Skies, an inspirational documentary about the empowerment of women and the prevention of breast cancer, will premiere Saturday, March 3 on the Documentary Channel.

The film is about overcoming obstacles as athletes and as human beings. It covers an extraordinary event ‘Jump for the Cause’ that brought together 181 women from 31 countries to create a World Record All-Women’s Skydiving Formation — and raised almost $1 million for breast cancer research. Along with phenomenal sky diving footage, the film also features breast cancer survivors, cutting edge researchers, doctors, healers and activists — including Campaign for Safe Cosmetics co-founder Stacy Malkan, talking about cancer-causing chemicals in cosmetics.

This must-see film reveals breakthroughs that have not been widely publicized, explores whats working and what needs to be changed and the seismic shift towards prevention. Check out the Documentary Channel website for more info.

The full list of airdates for March is:
3/3 (Sat) = 8pm EST
3/3 (Sat) = 11pm EST
3/16 (Fri) = 8:30pm EST
3/16 (Fri) = 11:30pm EST

The film will also be available on the Documentary Channel website for streaming throughout the month of March.

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Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry (New Society Publishers, 2007) is the first book by Stacy Malkan, co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the coalition of non-profit groups that have built a national movement to shift the $50 billion beauty industry to safer products.

Stacy is a leading expert on toxic chemicals in beauty products and chemical regulatory policies, and she is  frequently interviewed by major media outlets including the New York Times, USA Today and Washington Post. TV appearances include CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America andDemocracy Now!

To book speaking engagements: Jodi Solomon’s Speaker’s Bureau.

For press interviews: contact Stacy here.

Clip of Stacy speaking at TEDx Conference.

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Awards for Not Just a Pretty Face:

Silver IPPY, Independent Publisher’s Association

2010 Best of Green Award for Fashion/Beauty Book Gift of Knowledge: Six Green Reads

Wall Street Journal recommendation

San Francisco Library Recommended Eco Reads

Top 10 Books on Toxic Chemicals

Interviews with Stacy Malkan:

NEW: CBS Morning Show

Business Week

Washington Post

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TEDx talk: Giving the chemical industry a makeover!

Good Morning America

Chat with Washington Post

Democracy Now!

NPR debate with John Bailey

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San Francisco Chronicle

ABC 7 Chicago

Reviewer comments for “Not Just a Pretty Face”:

Ralph Nader:

This is a gripping, personal book by a recovered cosmetics addict with a great factual range on the impact of an unregulated group of companies, which have chemicalized the commercialization of beauty. This book should be read by women and men who have trusted, for too long, the companies whose products get inside their bodies and their minds, to the detriment of their health. Governments should require pre-market testing for safety. Ms. Malkan provides them with the evidence to finally act on behalf of consumers.

Fran Drescher, star of the Emmy award-winning series “The Nanny”: As a cancer survivor it is of great concern to me that the products I am using to make me beautiful on the outside are potentially making me ill on the inside. The skin is the largest organ in the body with the capability to absorb everything, so how is it possible that our skin products continue to go unregulated by the FDA? Shame on them for neglecting the American people in this way. Thank you Stacy for exposing the truth. The jig is up!

Horst Rechelbacher, founder and former owner of Aveda: A must read for everyone. Writing this book at this time is most important. If we as a human race are not waking up to the realities within our biological systems, we humans are next on the endangered species list. Thank you Stacy for this most important investigation into the hidden dangers of everyday personal care.

Theo Colborn, PhD, coauthor of “Our Stolen Future”: As Stacy Malkan writes, the jars and bottles may be exquisite, but the truth is sadly painful about the ingredients in cosmetics and the defensiveness of the cosmetic industry. Her book is a captivating and convincing call to women to take a second look at the cosmetics they are exposing themselves and their unborn children to – and to do something about it. This book should be required reading for all teenagers, including the young men.

Virginia Sole-Smith, journalist: If you’ve ever thought twice about what’s in your shampoo bottle or a tube of lipstick, it’s thanks to the fine work of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. In Not Just a Pretty Face, Stacy Malkan introduces us to the brilliant and dedicated women behind the campaign, who have dared to take on Big Beauty and managed to reinvent the environmental movement at the same time. It’s an inspiring and provocative take on an industry-gone-wild and what must be done to protect our health and the planet. Read this important book – you’ll never look inside your bathroom cabinet in the same way again.

Joan Blades, cofounder of Not Just a Pretty Face underscores why we need Moms Rising, why we need a massive number of citizens’ voices reminding our leaders about what their priorities need to be: safe products for our children and for ourselves. Together we can give our government a makeover.

Don Hazen

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, executive editor, jig is up for the cosmetic industry. Stacy Malkan’s powerful compelling story of the overuse of unhealthy petroleum products in the stuff we put in our hair, on our face and over our body is so very important for us to hear, especially teenagers. She’s clearly got the science down, but it is the fascinating stories of heroes and hope in the battle to “make over” the beauty industry that makes her book so readable.

Arlene Blum, PhD chemist; author of Breaking Trail: Not Just a Pretty Face is an entertaining and inspiring account of what we can all do to protect ourselves and our families from the toxic ingredients in our body care products and cosmetics. The well-researched and dramatic stories of the scientists and activists who are working to protects us, their recent successes, and the tragedies that ensue because our government fails to regulate toxins are unforgettable. A must read for anyone who cares about our health and environment.

Sabrina McCormick, PhD; film director, No Family History: We are being exposed to toxins in personal care products without knowing it. Not Just a Pretty Face effectively conveys volumes of information while keeping us hanging page after page. Not only will you feel much more informed after you finish, you will also feel like you have just read a great mystery. Each and every American should read this book and take action.

Jesse Epstein filmmaker, Wet Dreams and False Images: Crucial reading for anyone who has ever been to a drugstore. By examining advertising and the “beauty” industry, this book calls into question terms like “herbal” and “natural, ” and the very brands we have been taught to trust. Be prepared for the urge to take out and investigate every product in your bathroom cabinet.

Leslie Garrett, columnist, author of The Virtuous Consumer: Stacy Malkan strips back the layers of the powerful cosmetic industry and reveals the truth about the personal care products we use daily. Not Just a Pretty Face offers up shocking information backed up by powerful studies and quotes from experts – all packaged in an accessible style that doesn’t alarm but informs. What’s more, Malkan provides to necessary tools to help consumers make better choices — for themselves, their children and the planet.

Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 286 user reviews.