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Beauty Products That Have The Potential To Cause Cancer

As you use cosmetics to enhance your beauty, do you know that such products can cause cancer? The main factor to consider is the products that you use. 

There are numerous concerns when it comes to beauty products considering they contain EDCs (endocrine-disrupting chemicals). The chemicals usually interfere with the hormonal system.

The only issue is that researchers are yet to come up with concrete evidence that EDCs cause cancer, considering cancer types that are driven by hormones, include prostate, breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers.

Other personal and beauty care products usually contain chemicals that cause cancer but in small amounts. Regardless of how low the dose is, you should be concerned, especially when using some of these products daily.

You should not cancel your beauty appointment because of such issues considering it is not yet evident whether EDCs cause cancer. Instead, you should seek the correct information and ensure you’re taking the necessary precautions. 

Below are the beauty products that have the potential to cause cancer:

1. Hair Dye

The risk of suffering from cancer because of using hair dye is not yet clear. The primary consideration, in this case, is that the hair dye products contain more than 5,000 chemicals, and some can cause cancer. Researchers are still looking into the link between cancer and the chemicals present in hair dye products.

During the late 1970s, researchers found that certain chemicals present in hair dye products could cause cancer. The manufacturers of hair dye went ahead to get rid of some of these chemicals. The main issue currently is that the scientists are not sure whether the remaining chemicals used to manufacture hair dye can cause cancer.

The National Cancer Institute has weighed in on the manner, and they have noted that the present findings are conflicting when it comes to connecting hair dye and cancer.

2. UV Nail Lamps

It is believed the UV nail lamps can cause cancer, but more research needs to be conducted. The UV nail lights are used in nail salon dryers, and they help ensure the nail polish dries fast. When you’re exposed to UV light, you’re at the risk of suffering from skin cancer. Some women have had skin cancer before, and they were using UV nail lamps. 

The amount of ultraviolet light that you’re exposed to will vary from one salon to the next. Before you start to experience skin cancer symptoms, you have to be exposed more than eight times. Nevertheless, the risk of suffering from skin cancer is still low. 

Researchers need to carry out more research to determine whether the allegations are true regarding skin cancer and the use of UV nail lights. However, salons should utilize non-UV options instead, especially if clients usually visit the salon regularly.

3. Body Care and Bath Products

Such products are referred to as endocrine disruptors. Besides using the body care and bath products, do you know what they contain? There are personal care products that are carcinogenic, including soaps, anti-aging lotions, and shampoos.

Some of the chemicals present in these products include:

  • Polyethylene
  • PEG
  • Polyoxyethylene
  • Polyethylene glycol

Some manufacturers have managed to get rid of the chemicals that are carcinogenic in baby care products. However, the adults are still at risk. The link between body care products is not yet fully established; nevertheless, it is good to be precautious.

Final Thoughts

Although beauty matters, it should not be prioritized while putting your health at stake. Ensure you’ve carried out some research to check for any warnings and ingredients of the beauty products that you use. If there are ingredients that you don’t know about, you should go ahead and carry out some research first to determine whether such chemicals are safe or not.

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Are Dove Personal Care Products As Safe For Consumers As They Seem?

Dove has been known as a trusted brand for personal hygiene to appeal to men and women alike. The Dove company, founded in 1957, markets beauty bars and body washes as well as a variety of personal products. Dove is famous for its basic line of shower necessities for anyone who has a natural bathing routine. 

The squeaky clean Dove image is appealing to consumers with a trademark dove, a bird of peace, as their logo. However, are Dove products actually as safe as they seem? Read on and find out. 

Is Dove Vegan or Vegetarian?

Dove has a reputation for being a clean beauty product that can be used on children and adults alike. However, those looking for a more natural product to fit the vegan lifestyle may be surprised to hear that Dove is neither vegan nor vegetarian. 

The signature scent and skin-softening appeal of Dove products can be attributed to the use of tallow, a derivative of animal fat. Though there are more natural ingredients such as vegetable oil, vegans may need to search for other brands to fit their lifestyle. 

Is Dove Safe For Skin?

Due to Dove products having moisturizing qualities, many dermatologists recommend their bar and liquid soaps for consumers with dry skin. Dove has also been known to help those with a sensitive complexion although it is not right for all skin types. As with all beauty products, it’s recommended to perform a small patch test on the skin before thoroughly using the soap to prevent an allergic reaction. 

Is Dove Politically Conscious? 

Though controversy and political values may not be the first thing to come to mind when buying a beauty product, Dove received criticism in 2017 with an advertisement depicting a black actress using a body wash to transform into a white woman. The company apologized and removed the ad after experiencing backlash; however, many people still choose to boycott Dove due to this incident. 

Can Dove Products Cause Long-Lasting Skin Conditions?

As with any beauty and hygiene product, it depends on the consumer to make the right choice for their skin. Many prefer Dove for moisture and a clean feeling while bathing. There are others who experience dry skin and tightness when using Dove products. Because soap washes the body of natural oils, it is not advised by dermatologists to use it every day. 

This also applies to Dove shampoo and conditioner. Because your hair needs its natural oils, it is not ideal to wash your tresses squeaky clean every day. However, those with great experiences using Dove recommend the product to condition split ends and even use as shaving cream for softer skin. 

Is Dove Poisonous To Pets?

Dove products are created with chemicals that are not meant to be ingested. There have been cases where pets and children have been curious about the taste of soap and needed medical attention. The formula in Dove body washes and other products have also not been known to cause eye irritation when bathing a fussy child. It’s important for parents and pet owners to prevent accidents or switch to a more organic brand if they worry about accidental poisoning. 

Is Dove Safe After All?

In conclusion, Dove personal care products are just what they present: personal care. It is up to the consumer to decide whether they will trust the brand and find great results or search out an alternate for their hygienic needs. The most important thing you can do for your self-care routine is to feel safe and comfortable in your own skin.